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This is a personal professional notebook. In this blog I  share my thoughts and collect references to information on the Web which were in some way or another at some point in time interesting in my daily work as solution architect. I would like to emphasize this blog and its content depict a personal viewpoint.


Enabling team collaboration with ArchiMate 3.0

How to share your ArchiMate model with your fellow architect leveraging open source tools.  Expressing concerns that need to be addressed by the business and IT systems within the organization with architecture views in ArchiMate make sense, well at least to Enterprise Architects. However collaboration on and sharing the ArchiMate model across a team of …

Configuring a SonarQube analysis with VSTS / TFS2015 vNext build

I must admit setting up a SonarQube analysis on the new build platform of VSTS / TFS2015 is a breeze compared to the previous approach. In the old days it could take me a week to setup a TFS build server, capable of running a SonarQube analysis including unit testing and code coverage analysis. One had to …

The Digital Transformation’s impact on a software development team

The other day my management asked me about my view on what a software development team would look like to face the challenges imposed by the current trends like for example digital transformation, the digital customer experience, SMAC, Big Data & cloud computing, to which I like to refer to with the term “the third …