The project layer is about planning, budgeting, monitoring and the governance of software development projects and software maintenance organizations.project

In the project layer the model acknowledges the aspect areas Planning, Progress, Functionality, Quality, Resourcing, Budget, Change, Reporting, Communication and Risk.

Capability maturity assessment

The following should be considered when assessing an organization’s capability with regards to project.


In the planning area both estimates and plans are assessed.

  • Both are established with an uniform and consistent approach.
  • Both are up-to-date.
  • Both are shared with internal and external stakeholders and the stakeholders are committed to them.
  • Both are supported by benchmarks.
  • Progress is measured in a uniform and consistent manner.
  • Progress is reported to stakeholders.
  • Progress reports are input for estimation and planning benchmarks.
  • A clear process exists to select and deliver functionality.
  • Both selection and delivery of functionality is aligned across depended teams.
  • The requirements for (non-)functional product quality are defined in objective and  measurable criteria.
  • Roles & Responsibilities are captured in job profiles
  • The job profiles document the appropriate skills and experience.
  • The job profiles include a training plan for the job profile.
  • A resource management process is established to select, on-board and retain resources in accordance with the established set of job profiles.
  • Is is specified how budget can be acquired and spent.
  • An approach to handle change is defined, established and executed.
  • A fixed set of project reports is established.
  • These reports contribute to the governance of the project.
  • A communication plan is established and executed.
  • The communication plan governs the formal and informal communication between internal and external stakeholders.
  • A risk management process is established and executed.
  • A risk log is established for a project.
  • The risk log is up-to-date.

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