A reading list on Microservices Architecture

When I wanted to dive into and understand Microservices Architecture the following reading list was suggested to me:

Life beyond Distributed Transactions:an Apostate’s Opinion
by Pat Helland
This paper explores and names some of the
practical approaches used in the implementations
of large-scale mission-critical applications in a
world which rejects distributed transactions. It discusses the management of fine-grained pieces of
application data which may be repartitioned over
time as the application grows. It also discusses the design patterns used in sending messages
between these repartitionable pieces of data.

Migrating to Microservices
by Adrian Cockcroft
In this presentation Adrian Cockcroft discusses strategies, patterns and pathways to perform a gradual migration from monolithic applications towards cloud-based REST microservices.

Idempotence Is Not a Medical Condition
by Pat Helland
An essential property for reliable systems.

Distributed systems theory for the distributed systems engineer
A blog post on The Paper Trail with many links relevant for distributed systems engineering. This will keep you busy for some time.

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