The platform layer contains standards and guidelines with regard to the technology platform. These are the solution building blocks which are shared across projects and software solutions and which includes software references architectures.platform

In the platform layer the constituents are Reference Architecture, Standards & Guidelines , Building Blocks and Tooling. These aspects areas combined provide the standards and guidelines for the technology platform  used to develop, deploy and run the software.


The following should be considered when assessing an organization’s capability with regards to platform.

Reference Architecture

  • The Solution Reference Architectures for which the assembly lines provides support are identified.
  • For each identified Solution Architecture an up-to-date Reference Software Architecture and reference implementation is available.

Standards & Guidelines

  • Supported programming languages, communication technologies, storage technologies, ect are identified and usage guidelines are available.
  • Standards for code quality, security, ect are in place
  • The usage of and compliance to the Standards is validated.

Building Blocks

  • Architectural and Solution Building Blocks which support the Solution Reference Architectures are used.


  • Adequate tooling is available and is used to efficiently and effectively produce software products.
  • For each tool it is documented why and how it should be used, who is responsible for its maintenance and if it is current.

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