The infrastructure layer includes infrastructural services like software development workstations, ALM tools and the hosting of the DTAP environments.infrastructure

In the infrastructure layer the model distinguishes Workplace, Hosting and ALM Tools. All three are required to enable a software development team to build software.


The following should be considered when assessing an organization’s capability with regards to infrastructure.


  • Software development workplaces are available for the various engineering roles.
  • With these workplaces engineers can work efficiently.


  • Separate infrastructural environments are available for development, testing, acceptance and production.
  • These environments can be made easily available, for instance through self service provisioning.
  • These environments provide adequate performance.
  • These environments offer the tools required to produce software products efficiently.

ALM Tools

  • A centrally hosted application life-cycle management environment is in place for source code version management, work management, bug management, ect.
  • The usage of this environment is optimal.
  • The tools in this environment are integrated, aligned and tuned.
  • For the home grown tools application management and support is organized and available.

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